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Some Updates for the Available Zcash (ZEC) Cloud Mining Options

Kicking off with Genesis Mining who have once more upgraded the Zcash cloud mining hashrate for their existing customers by another 25%. This means that everyone that has already purchased Zcash cloud mining hashrate from them got a nice boost ter vertoning and amount of mined ZEC for free. Furthermore, fresh customers purchasing Zcash cloud mining hashrate will also get a boost ter the hashrate they purchase, however the mining for fresh contracts purchased at the ogenblik will commence on December 1st and not instantaneously, so pretty much after the slow commence for the mining finishes.

The fresh Zcash (ZEC) cloud mining prices are the following after the last upgrade with 25% improvement te hashrate – 0.75 H/s for $29 USD, 7.Five H/s for $280 USD and 75 H/s for $2600 USD. Thesis are up form 0.6 H/s, 6 H/s and 60 H/s for the same prices thanks to the hashrate improvement that evidently the company has achieved te their mining recently. Also don’t leave behind that you can use our special discount code during checkout to get 3% off the regular prices for Zcash mining hashrate, just come in CryptoMiningBlog5 spil promo code during checkout to take advantage of the better price opoffering.

Another cloud mining service provider that has bot available for fairly some time already spil well – HashFlare has also announced their plans for suggesting cloud mining hashrate for Zcash (ZEC). They have already embarked the presale of mining contracts with a price of Four.20 USD vanaf 0.1 H/s with the launch of mining planned to begin before 21.11.16, so you will be able to catch some of the slow begin mining period spil well. Each of their Zcash cloud mining contracts will last for 1 year (from activation) and will not have any extra fees spil everything is evidently included te the price.

Their prices are now a bit higher than the above alternative since the latest announcement of hashrate upgrade, but there is an active promotional code for them spil well that is following a latest Halloween promotion going for all knids of cloud mining hashrate being suggested. You can use the promo code HF16HLLWN10 to get a 10% discount from the regular price of $Four.20 USD vanaf 0.1 H/s for the EQUIHASH cloud mining hashrate being suggested at the ogenblik. Do note however that this discount code will be valid only until 06.11.2016 23:59 (UTC +0) when the promotional suggest will expire.

Besides the capability to rent and lease hashrate for the fresh Equihash mining algorithm being used by Zcash (ZEC) NiceHash is also suggesting what they call Rapid Zcash Cloud Mining Contracts. Thesis are 24 hour mining contracts, but with a large amount of hashrate that you are getting for this brief period of time. This is an interesting alternative to long term cloud mining contracts, but very likely not the best one for the ogenblik while wij are still te the slow begin of mining for Zcash. Still a nice alternative to have to long term contracts spil well spil to traditional renting of hashrate where the price may vary and here you have a immobile price for the day.

Another popular service for renting and leasing hashrate, namely Mining Equipment Rentals has yet to introduce support for the fresh algorithm used by Zcash (ZEC), so for the uur it is not interesting option for people that are all into Equihash. With the big rente however wij are not going to be astonished if they don’t take much time to also introduce Zcash support te the next days.

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Hashflare Now Suggesting Ethereum Cloud Mining spil Well

Hashflare is the 2nd cloud mining service provider to begin suggesting Ethereum. After a long period of pre-orders being accepted this Monday (March 21st) the very first batch of Ethereum cloud mining hashrate went online and now the company is now taking pre-orders for the 2nd batch that is expected to embark mining sometime inbetween April 4th and 11th, so if you purchase now you will have to wait some time before you begin earning anything. Unlike the SHA-256 and SCrypt cloud mining hashrate that the service offers where it pays te Bitcoin only, with Ethereum cloud mining you are getting payments te Ethereum coins

The ondergrens you can purchase is 100 KHS with a regular price of $Four.25 USD vanaf 100 KHS or $42.50 USD for 1 MHS hashrate. The mining contracts are with 1 year duration and everything is included ter the price of the hashrate, so there are no reserve fees that you need to pay. It is not very clear however what will toebijten if Ethereum switches to POS phase before the end of your 1 year contract. There is a promotional code available that can help you get 25% discount from the regular price for purchases of Ten MHS or more, just inject the following discount code when checking out HF16ETHASH25M. If you don’t want to pre-order cloud mining hashrate and wait for the mining to embark, then you can always go to Genesis Mining that has bot suggesting users ETH hashrate for fairly some time and after you purchase it will commence mining for you right now.

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Hashflare To Embark Suggesting Ethereum Cloud Mining

The cloud mining service provider Hashflare has officially announced their plans to begin suggesting Ethereum cloud mining hashrate with pre-orders already active and mining expected to embark on March 21st. The contracts are with 1 year term with everything included ter the price of the hashrate, so no reserve expenses for the user. The price is set at $Four.25 USD vanaf 100 KHS (0.1 MHS) or with other words $42.25 USD vanaf Megahash worth of Ethereum mining hashrate. There is presently a promotional suggest for pre-orders that will permit you to purchase hashrate at a discounted price of $Three.74 USD vanaf 100 KHS or $37.Four USD vanaf MHS (12% discount for the pre-orders) if you use the following promotional code when checking out HF16ETHER12.

The service is already suggesting Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining hashrate contracts, tho’ both are being paid to users ter BTC. Their fresh Ethereum cloud mining suggest is evidently based on what Genesis Mining is already suggesting, however Hashflare evidently wants to attract customers with a lower price. The problem is that they have announced their plans about 1 month prior to actually commencing to mine Ethereum and for that 1 month a lotsbestemming can switch – much higher mining difficulty or significant druppel ter price etc. that makes this investment riskier. There is also no information what will toebijten with the purchased hashrate te case Ethereum switches to PoS before the end of the 1 year term of the contract. So be careful when weighting te the pros and cons of this opoffering.

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