If you think the future of blockchain is only ter the financial services industry, think again. The very transactional and often multi-step nature of business process services mean that the potential applications of blockchain te business and government are seemingly endless. Blockchain technology can be applied to any multi-step transaction where timeliness, traceability and transparency, […]

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Chinese Company Implemented Blockchain Technology to Uitvoer Gasoline Blockchain technology keeps expanding all overheen the world and te many different fields. This time, the Chinese Petrochemical company Sinochem Energy Technology used blockchain so spil to realize a gasoline uitvoer. This is the very first time that the technology is used te this kleuter of industry.

Wij want to keep you updated on the technical difficulties that have interrupted payouts te the last few days. Our team has bot working to address every facet of this problem to restore service, and now wij’re able to update you ter more detail. We’re glad to announce that we’ve processed a bulk payout of […]

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