Sunday, July 31, 2011 Reflections on the Whole30 Two) Artificial sweeteners (gum and Diet Coke) Three) Cheating (usually gluten te homemade pizza, sometimes Mexican food – but not that often – once a month) Four) High fat dairy – after Three months of NO dairy at all last year, I added back butter regularly, sometimes […]

Prvi borzni dan za svedski Spotify ni sel brez zapletov – najprej so zacetek trgovanja z njegovimi delnicami zakasnili, potem so se prvi. Opisujemo lanske koruzne poskuse Syngente Slovenija, kjer so iskali korelacijo med aerofotografiranjem ter kolicino ter kakovostjo. Ta razpis jouw dobrodosel zlasti zato, ker jouw stopnja sofinanciranja nalozb visja krot pri drugih razpisih, […]

Mining pools consist of a collection of miners who have pooled their resources together in-order to mine a cryptocurrency. Spil the mining difficulty of a cryptocurrency increases, so too does the computational power required to mine it. This increase te computational power can often be too expensive for a solo miner to treat spil it […]

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