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It has bot weeks of turmoil for the sustained Litecoin (LTC) but things seem to be on the upward trends after Charlie Lee predictions on the coins future. With the launch of LitePay today, the cryptocurrency landscape will never be the same again.

Litecoin (LTC) prices seem to clawing back after weeks of loses to surpass their earlier all time high of $222.88 to kasstuk a fresh milestone of $227.37 today with a good run of 9.34% te the last 24 hrs. This seems to go against the odds and a good indication that the anticipated launch of LitePay today will shove the prices higher.

Litecoin (LTC) Market Invasion and Spectacle

With a market capitalization of $12.Five billion, Litecoin is ranked number five and challenging for a higher rank. Overheen the last 24 hours, $1.Trio LTC coins have already exchanged mitts according to reports. The most active exchanges are OKEx and Coinbase’s GDAX each accounting for 31% and 11% days turnover.

Litecoin (LTC) performing comes at the backdrop of creation of Litecoin Metselspecie (LCC) which has not bot astounding to date. LCC kasstuk an all-time high of $9 instantaneously after the February Legitimate th fork and it seems to dip down further, it is trading at $Trio.09 after shedding a further 6.11% ter the last 24 hours to remain te the crimson.

The Charlie Lee Prediction Equation

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin on his twitter treat (@SatoshiLite) predicted that Litecoin is going to ritme Bitcoin Specie (BTC) by close of the year. The ETH/BTC trends have not bot holding sustained compared to LTC/BCH and this could drastically switch the crypto landscape. However, BCH value is higher than that of LTC, with the latest market crash anything can go the Litecoin way.

Litecoin has bot casted positively ter the news and the prediction seems valid. LitePay launch today is a clear indication how the projects is poised to build up traction to challenge Bitcoin Metselspecie. LitePay is a spel changer ter making payment and fundraising projects, it will enable the e-commerce and retailer make instant payments whilst suggesting fundraisers a podium to raise funds.

With LitePay, you now store your LTC tokens ter their native LitePay wallet and with a petite toverfee of1%, convert your fiat instantly. Unlike Bitcoin Specie, Litecoin offers you a real world App, you can listig it to your handelsbank account and make and receive payments directly or just use it to receive payments from your customers from anywhere te the world.

Litecoin Specie (LCC) after the Fork

Litecoin Specie (LCC) seems to have bot overshadowed by Litecoin prediction and the launch of LitePay. This might explain reasons why the fresh clothing is underperforming and no much fanfare around it. With the price going down soon after forking, it shows lack of investor’s awareness and near zero adoption from the masses.

The initial valuation of LCC wasgoed at $1.Four but the price got big backing from the fork to high of $9around February 20 th and has since bot on the crimson trading at $Trio.09 at the time of writing. However, given the current volatile environment ter the market, this could still be a good springboard for a fresh coin.

Litecoin (LTC) seems to be the gainer from the form with majority investors staying waterput making the LTC value to increase significantly. However, with cryptocurrencies, logic has that you need to secure your digital assets with the larger player after any fork.

The Litecoin/Litecoin contant fork wasgoed seamless and spil such did not attract a lotsbestemming of media attention. This is a close community and the muffle is a good calculated measure to permit LCC attract adopters and build up traction that will lead to the stability of the coin te the future. This avoids a bubble screenplay with time.

Listing of LCC has bot slow especially with large exchanges and once the adoption picks, Litecoin Specie will cut itself a niche and surpass other older Altcoins. This is good for Litecoin (LTC) to launch the LitePay verhoging. This is why Charlie Lee’s prediction is seen spil a distraction from LCC and waterput LTC LitePay project launch on the lime light, at least for now.

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