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Vertcoin is a digital currency, just like bitcoin and litecoin. But exclusief from them, it has certain different features. It is used to make instant international transactions or instant payments to anywhere te the world. There is a similar but misleading currency called “virtcoin” whose initial coin suggesting (ICO) date is/wasgoed January 1, 2018, BUT recall vertcoin and virtcoin are two different currencies. It is a hybrid cryptocurrency which is sort of an upgrade to bitcoin itself. Wij can say that it is another fork of bitcoin but with some value-added features.

A hybrid cryptocurrency is electronically generated that uses advanced encryption mechanisms for generation, transfer, and validation. Vertcoin is totally anonymous, and no individual information is collected. Total generated coins are 84M. If you want to get vertcoins you need to get their anonymous wallet, and they will druppel the coins into it. Another feature of vertcoin is that you can store them on your own rekentuig, or offline. You don’t need to store them on their webstek. You can download those even te the zip format.

The major tagline of vertcoin is that it preserves the original vision of digital currencies that there should be a freedom of ownership of the financial system by its users. Mining hardware manufacturers do not control its generation. Vertcoin is fully funded by donations. Many companies attempt to create hardware and provide multipool mining, which takes the currencies toward centralization. Vertcoin’s algorithm is very resistant to this. It uses Lyra2RE(v2).

Here are some significant features

  • Decentralized mining
  • 1-Click vertcoin miner
  • Web Wallet
  • Segregated witness (large altcoin price surge benefit)
  • Indeed prompt network, and competes with the top league (Instant transfer to bitcoin or litecoin possibility)
  • Stealth Addresses which provide privacy on the public ledger
  • Atomic cross-chain (check out the following tweet)

There have bot exchanges being done inbetween similar currencies e.g. litecoin and decred by give vertcoins. One such example is

I’m going to do an on-chain atomic interchange of 1 LTC for 55 VTC with @jamesl22, lead dev of @Vertcoin. Will it work or will the it explode?

Atomic interchanges inbetween litecoin and vertcoin are still ter active development (please comment if I have missed some update). Next Prize Halving will also generate a loterijlot of rente for many people.

With non-ASIC treatment there is a low barrier to entry, and I would recommend you download vertoin software and commence mining spil well. Since fresh features are very attractive and challenge with matured cryptocurrencies so its future looks promising. And you will notice that it is indeed a 1-Click miner.

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